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Our Projects


Devotion – for sustainable development is a civil society organization endeavoring to help the marginalized and the deprived to become an effective and productive part of the society. Our efforts are directed to bring the downtrodden to the mainstream of society. Education, Health and Human Resource Development.

Human Resource Development Center

The basic concept of HRDC is to provide a modern and multidisciplinary training and skill development facility to different target groups. The beneficiaries will include individuals and groups from different segments of the society, like Students, Local Govt. Representatives, Police, Lawyers, Teachers, Doctors, Paramedics, members and representatives of Civil Society Organizations and many other categories of individuals from various fields and professions. Public advocacy and awareness campaigns shall be designed to raise mass awareness on various social issues prevailing in the society. Awareness raising workshops, public debates and seminars shall be conducted for this purpose. Various discussion forums, symposia and conferences shall be held to create consciousness among different stakeholders regarding their social roles & responsibilities.