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HR Development Center

Human Resource Development Center

  1. The basic concept of HRDC is to provide a modern and multidisciplinary training and skill development facility to different target groups. The beneficiaries will include individuals and groups from different segments of the society, like Students, Local Govt. Representatives, Police, Lawyers, Teachers, Doctors, Paramedics, members and representatives of Civil Society Organizations and many other categories of individuals from various fields and professions.
  2. Public advocacy and awareness campaigns shall be designed to raise mass awareness on various social issues prevailing in the society. Awareness raising workshops, public debates and seminars shall be conducted for this purpose.
  3. Various discussion forums, symposia and conferences shall be held to create consciousness among different stakeholders regarding their social roles & responsibilities towards various social and development issues. This will not only create clarities about various social issues but shall also enhance coordination and cooperation amongst different government and private functionaries to generate a better response towards bringing improvement on these issues.
  4. A pool of trainers shall be trained to impart further trainings at grass root level in the communities and the community base organizations (CBOs).
  5. Non availability of career guidance facilities has given rise to confusions and frustrations about various career options amongst the youth. HRDC shall provide quality career guidance and career counseling facilities to people having problems with there career at any of its stages. This shall help, in particular, the students of secondary and higher levels and the career beginners.
  6. Just a degree in any particular discipline does not help a career starter in seeking a good job to start with the practical career. There are certain other skills which every body needs to have before entering into any profession. These skills may be computer knowledge, English language, effective communication and correspondence skills, interpersonal skills, group dynamics and many other soft skills which are essential to become an effective contributor to any employer or to the society as a whole. HRDC shall impart short courses for soft skills development in order to enhance the capacity of the existing work force of the society and to inject a fully trained fresh blood into the main stream professions.
  7. To act as a hub of information for various employers seeking good employees and for the new job seekers, searching for employment. This shall also serve the purpose of creating a data pool of the job seekers and the job vacancies and related options available to them.
  8. To impart vocational training courses to equip the youth with various sets of vocational and technical skills in order to make them self dependant as well as productive members of the society.
  9. Economic empowerment of the people always leads to a better civilizations. Micro- Entrepreneurship Development programme shall be launched to empower the marginalized sections of the society, especially women. Short term and Long Term courses shall be offered to develop potential micro-entrepreneurs in the district.
  10. . Promotion of our own cultural and literary values can be the only safety measure to combat invasions of other cultures. HRDC shall serve the masses of the district as a venue for quality literary and cultural events.